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Welcome To Prestige Hira

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The Prestige Group's futuristic housing project, Prestige Hira , is located near Whitefield, Bangalore. It is situated on 76 sizable acres. It offers luxurious apartments and villas of various sizes. The development has 4016 luxury apartments and 120 villa villas. The flats come in 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK configurations. They are suitable for spaces between 600 and 3500 square feet. The villas are designed to cover 2800 and 3500 square feet.

The idea allocates two distinct areas for villa residences and apartments. The villa ward, which spans 22 acres, is home to 120 opulent villa residences. The villas come in two different size options. Villas of Type A are constructed on lots measuring 35 feet by 60 feet. These villas have a 2800 square foot Super Builtup Area. A property measuring 45 feet by 60 feet is marked out with Type B villas. These units have a 3500 square foot SBA.

The website offers a grand and opulent place to live, celebrate, and enjoy. A sizable portion of the plot is set aside for outdoor green space. More than 30 acres of green space are included in the proposal to support lush, carefully designed open areas. A lovely lake developed on 2.4 acres is part of the property. Within the complex of apartments, the site provides a space of 57,000 square feet for clubhouses. The 24,000 square foot Villa Clubhouse is constructed.

Key Dates:

  • Pre-launch Date: To be announced soon
  • Completion Date: Four years from date of launch
  • Possession Date: Immediate, after completion of project


wleding in llc
Project Location Whitefield, Bangalore
Total Land Area Updating Soon
No. of Units Updating Soon
Towers and Blocks Updating Soon
Unit Variants 1,2,3 BHK
Possession Time Updating Soon
Rera No NA

Overview Of Prestige Hira

Prestige Hira

Prestige Hira is a residential Project developed by the renowned Prestige Group in Whitefield, Bangalore. Situated on a vast expanse of 76 acres, this upscale project offers an exquisite collection of 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK units, comprising a total of 4016 premium flats. Designed to cater to the needs of modern urban living, Prestige Hira sets a new standard of luxury and comfort in one of Bangalore's most sought-after neighborhoods.

The Prestige Group, one of the most respected contractors, is in charge of creating the Prestige Hira project. There are the best apartments. It is situated in the famous Whitefield region of the city's eastern section. Among the several benefits of purchasing a house in this location are:

. Living in the Whitefield region implies having a short commute to work because there are numerous offices of large corporations there.
. The area is home to some of the greatest hospitals, schools, and colleges in the city. Living here gives you access to the best amenities the city has to offer.
. In the area, a wide range of housing options are available. Every builder has a project here, and every buyer can find a home.
. The local transport system is excellent. Taxis and buses are readily available
. Additionally, there are train stations nearby. Only one hour's worth of driving will get you to the city's international airport. In the neighborhood, the metro line is being constructed. Every area of the city is easily reachable from the neighborhood.
. More individuals are moving in because of the abundance of jobs and top-notch services in the neighborhood. Both homes for sale and homes for rent are in high demand in this area. Property owners can make money off of their investments.


Swimming Pool

Kid's pool


Table Tennis

Billiards & Snooker

Health Club & Spa


Indoor Games

Outdoor Multiplay Area

Multipurpose Hall

Convenience Store

The Prestige Group created the wonderful neighborhood of Prestige Hira. The project is located in Seegehalli's serene Whitefield neighborhood. The enclave is larger than 78 acres and comprises upscale condos and villas. The houses were created to accommodate all of the demands of contemporary buyers.

The project's residences are among the finest in the city and were built with great care. These houses are strong, safe constructions since they were designed using modern engineering. Every property has a view of the lovely surroundings. To provide a top-notch life, the project goes above and beyond.

The enclave's surroundings are quite lush and verdant. A lot of light and air are permitted into the homes during construction. There are several places to unwind on the property. These areas will tempt people to leave their houses and enjoy the tranquil environment. The enclave's beautiful gardens are excellently planned.

The project's extensive grounds give it the tranquil atmosphere of an urban retreat. The green property's location for every amenity is ideal. These have been thoughtfully positioned throughout the development so that each resident can use them.

In the proposal, people will live in comfort and style. The project is equipped with CCTV cameras, and a security force is always on duty. In the homes, there are video door phones. The entrance and departure points to the facility are tightly watched. The amount of traffic entering the enclave will be restricted.

Prestige Hira

The idea of the Petals of Life served as the inspiration for the housing enclave's design. It is arranged with a core in the center and four zones, or petals, around it. There are areas for exploration, connectedness, wisdom, and well-being. These locations will each feature special amenities that will improve the quality of life for those who live there.

The most opulent amenities have been incorporated into the enclave by the developer. It is aware that they raise the project's value. The Prestige Hira facilities raise the enclave's already excellent standard of living. The project offers many first-rate services. There are amenities in the Prestige Hira that are intended to foster interpersonal relationships.

Every practical convenience desired by modern residents is provided in the enclave's inner core. The neighborhood is thoughtfully designed, and some of the services offered include:

Outdoor cafeteria
Event oat
City center
Daycare center

The project's zones would each have opulent clubhouses. The enclave offers everything, including swimming pools and contemporary gyms. The project includes a tonne of facilities for playing games and doing sports. These are cutting-edge and give the locals hours of entertainment.

The best amenities are being planned for the project. The property has everything a modern homeowner could possibly desire. The people who live in the enclave will have happy lives. The project satisfies every requirement of modern city people. The constructor is making every effort to ensure that people live the best lives possible.

The enclave is a great spot to conduct business and work. There are many conveniences that can help with it. The project has well-equipped work pods that are ideal for the demands of contemporary work. The enclave's discussion plaza is the best location for conducting business and for networking with coworkers and other associates.

Prestige Hira's numerous amenities are located in beautifully manicured locations. There is a waterfall and a gorgeous lake on the property. The enclave is a serene area with a pleasing aesthetic.

For walking, cycling, and jogging, there are pathways through the forest. A sea of green will encircle the structures thanks to the butterfly park and several gardens in the enclave. The project's extensive vegetation will spread out in all directions, bringing harmony and calm to the residences there.

The project's architects hope to generate a lively community. The amenities available here will keep visitors busy for a while. There are numerous ways to have fun here. These are in artistically pleasant surroundings that are lovely. The project will offer the finest standard of life in the city.

Price List

Unit Type Size in Sq.ft Approx. Final Price
1 BHK 586 sft Download
2BHK 964 sft Download
3BHK 1201 sft Download

The prestigious project is located in Whitefield's scenic Seegehalli neighborhood. It is located in the city's rapidly growing east. The project is being introduced by The Prestige Group. Over a vast 78-acre area, it contains 1, 2, 3, 3.5, and 4-BHK apartments as well as 3- and 4-BHK villas.

The developer has a good reputation in the nation's housing market. Customers have a lot of faith in the business because of its reputation for knowledge and experience. It builds residences that are professionally designed and excellently made. They have the best amenities and a contemporary design.

Prestige Hira

The group's creations are ideal for contemporary investors. These strike the ideal balance between style and comfort. These luxurious residences are always constructed using the best materials and cutting-edge methods.

The business is renowned for its foresight and is among the first to spot emerging markets. The company constructs homes in burgeoning housing areas. Additionally, the places are conveniently accessible and well-connected. The builder makes sure that its projects are close to all necessary services.

The private project is located in the east zone neighborhood of Whitefield. One of the most sought-after districts of the city right now. Recent years have seen tremendous expansion and development in the neighborhood. There are presently numerous office buildings and housing developments in this area. The region is expected to have rapid growth in the next few years.

Right now, the area is a popular one in the city. Many people in and around the neighborhood are currently looking for homes. Here, numerous housing developments have been built. Investors in the area have many options for houses.

Whitefield has recently seen significant development. The region has developed. It is currently one of Bangalore's major employment centers. The area's connectivity makes it easy to go to other sections of the city from here, which is a key advantage. The forthcoming metro line will make it easier to access the neighborhood.

Despite recent increases in Whitefield real estate expenses, the area's costs are still rather affordable. The highest price per square foot is 10,000 rupees. Rs. 5000 is the beginning price per square foot. The typical price is close to Rs. 8000 and up. Prices vary based on the builder and the type of property.

Purchasing a house on a prelaunch project has several advantages. The presale price for the Prestige Hira will be highly lucrative. Buyers can select the ideal home for them during the pre launch period of the housing market. Buyers have the opportunity to choose from the available residences at this point.

The building is a lovely place to live. Owning property in the enclave is like owning a piece of paradise. Some of the city's best living circumstances are currently found in the project. In the east zone, it is a wise investment.


Prestige Hira

A large project consisting of lavish apartments is being introduced by Prestige Group. It is located in the quiet and perfect Seegehalli neighborhood of Whitefield, and it covers an area of 78 acres. The development offers elegant 1, 2, 3, 3.5, and 4-BHK apartments as well as exclusive 3- and 4-BHK villas. The project includes residences of various sizes.

The corporation is a market leader in housing, and the builder is well-known in the country's construction industry. Real estate investors may be confident that the homes they buy from this famous builder will be of the highest quality. These were made by the brightest minds. The houses are being built with great care.

The residences are thoughtfully constructed to meet the needs of buyers. These seamlessly meld traditional design with contemporary flair. The numerous big windows and sizable balconies allow for a free flow of light and air throughout the flats. Every resident will have enough room in the dwellings.

One of the most lavish developments in the city is this one. The greatest standards were used in building its premium residences. These condominiums and villas will be constructed utilizing cutting-edge techniques. To build strong, long-lasting homes, only the highest quality materials are used.

The Prestige Hira specs are of the highest caliber and adhere to the highest standards. The dwellings and buildings will use high-quality floor tiles. The entranceway, kitchenette, and living areas will all have vitrified tiles. Both the bathrooms and the balconies will have ceramic tiles. Anti-slip tiles will cover the balcony surfaces.

The units' kitchens offer a contemporary, practical layout. They will make the most of the space that is available. The kitchen counters will have plenty of room for preparing meals. There will be plenty of storage space in these well-planned spaces. The kitchen is easy to keep clean thanks to the superior worktops and dado on the wall.

There are numerous power outlets in these large kitchens for a variety of appliances. All contemporary devices, including microwaves, dishwashers, and water purifiers, will be usable. Chimneys and exhaust fans can be put in place here. Points will be awarded for additional appliances. The kitchens will include only the greatest tap and washbasin fixtures.

According to the Prestige Hira standards, the restrooms would be roomy and well-lit. The bathrooms will have the top fixtures on the market. The finest ceramic tiles will be used to cover every surface. High-quality counter and a washbasin will be present. Geysers and exhaust fans will be available as options in the restrooms.

There will be numerous outlet ports and light fixture points in each of the project's residences. The homes will have plenty of lighting. The layout of the houses allows for the addition of air conditioners. There will be plenty of power outlets available to run any electrical appliances. These homes can accommodate the use of any contemporary appliance.

The exteriors of the structures and villas will be painted with water-resistant paint. The homes will be painted with the best distemper paints. For the project, the top paints available will be chosen.

The upscale housing development will always have access to electricity, water, and backup power. The enclave's streets will be fully constructed and well-lit. The enclave will be a lovely and secure area. The project will have contemporary security features, like video door phones. CCTV cameras will be used to continuously monitor the enclave.

With today's homeowners in mind, the project's residences were built and planned. These residences are of the highest caliber according to Prestige Hira's characteristics. It serves as the ideal demonstration of the builder's skill. The project will feature some of the city's finest residences right now.


Prestige Hira

About Whitefield

The emerging neighborhood of Seegehalli near Whitefield, in the city's eastern section, is home to Prestige Hira in Bangalore. The reputable home builder, the Prestige Group, created the exclusive neighborhood. It is a sizable, expansive neighborhood with more than 4000 residences. These cover a vast 78.175 acre area.

The abundance of employment opportunities in the area has led to significant development. The city's Seegehalli neighborhood is contemporary and developing. The neighborhood is currently a popular place to reside and is stylish.

Bangalore's east region is a well-liked area. It's growing quite quickly. Many individuals presently reside here, and many more are making the decision to do so. Numerous people are purchasing homes, which is causing the local housing market to expand. There are numerous housing possibilities in the neighborhood, and numerous developments are in the planning stages.

There are numerous tech parks and workplaces in the city's developing area. The proximity to numerous workplaces makes the Prestige Hira location excellent. For those who work in these fields, it is the ideal location for a home. A few of the tech parks in the city's eastern region include:

International Tech Park Bangalore(ITPB)
Mind Comp Tech Park
Brigade Tech Park
Prestige Group Tech Park
J.P.Tech Park

There are many companies nearby, and many individuals travel here daily for work. Several of the neighborhood's major workplaces include:

Hewlett Packard

The significant IT hub along the Outer Ring Road is not far from the Seegehalli neighborhood. The neighborhood of houses is well connected to the city's key locations. A lot of the city's services are also accessible. The following are the distances to the city's various areas and amenities:

The region is not far from Whitefield. It is 5.6 kilometers away and the travel time is 15 minutes.

. The International Tech Park is around 6 kilometers away from the project.
. The distance of the nearby metro is about 3.1 kilometers.
. It takes an hour and a half to travel 30.6 kilometers to reach Electronic City's main employment area.
. 17.3 kilometers separate you from Sarjapur Road, and during rush hour, it takes around an hour to get there.
. The distance to MG Road is 13.9 kilometers, although one can get there quickly.
. 39.8 kilometers separate you from Bannerghatta Road. In only a little more than an hour, you can get there.

There are numerous projects in development in this area, which is continuously growing. These all facilitate access to the location. Previously, it was believed that Seegehalli was located outside of the city. However, it is currently one of the best-connected parts of the city. Residents of the city can access a lot of the city's districts.

It offers all of the city's conveniences and is a contemporary and comfortable place to live. In this upscale region, a lot of contemporary services are emerging. The residents of the area have happy lives. Around their homes, individuals can find all they need.

There are various hospitals close by the Prestige Hira location on the map. The best medical care is accessible to those who live in the enclave. The following are a some of the bigger hospitals in the region:

Manipal Hospital Whitefield
Svastha Hospital
Cloudnine Hospital - Whitefield
Vydehi Hospital
Motherhood Hospital - Whitefield

Prestige Hira

Many schools are close by, so local children don't have to go far to receive the best education. Numerous renowned schools can be found nearby, including:

Vydehi School of Excellence
Narayana e-Techno School - Whitefield
VedaVihaan The Global School

Among the many necessary services offered in the neighborhood are banks, gas stations, and ATMs. In the area, there are numerous opulent hotels, cafes, and eateries. Large and opulent malls are just one of the many locations where you may buy and have pleasure. The following shopping centers are located nearby:

Nexus Mall
Cosmos Mall
Central Mall
PMarket Square Mall

Many individuals are relocating here due to the serene atmosphere of the area. People are increasingly opting to settle in this wonderful, green neighborhood. Around here, there is a lot of green space, which is becoming increasingly rare in cities.

The location for the project has carefully been picked. It is made to accommodate all of the residents' needs. enclave's every aspect of the enclave has been meticulously considered. It is located in an area with access to every kind of service. Today, it is the best area of the city to raise a family.

The center of the city's upcoming eastern section is where the gorgeous homes are located. Additionally, it is far enough from the city to provide a tranquil setting. The project's tenants will lead peaceful, harmonious lives in lovely surroundings.

Prestige Park Grove

Brigade Upper Crust
Prestige Maple Heights
Purva Orient Grand
Brigade Valencia Brigade Calista
Prestige Southern Star
Sobha Neopolis

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